Online/Offline UPS

Features :

  • New Generation True Online Double Conversion Sine Wave UPS Systems.
  • Designed with latest PWM IGBT based Technology with DSP control.
  • Efficient, Reliable & Compact Design.
  • Built in Galvanic Isolation Transformer & Static Switch for auto changeover.
  • Good Engineering for easy installation, servicing and low MTTR.
  • UPS Designed with 10 years of Service Life.
  • UPS Designed with Wide Input Range & to operate smoothly in fluctuating Power Conditions in any corner of the country.
  • UPS designed with wide input range and operates smoothly with GenSet input.
  • User Friendly LCD Monitoring, inbuilt RS232 / RS485 port and optional SNMP, MODBUS and GSM module for monitoring UPS remotely.
  • Excellent Charger with Higher Charging Current capabilities (on demand) to ensure longer battery life.
1KVA/48V 7.5KVA/240V 10KVA/360V
2KVA/72V 10KVA/240V 15KVA/360V
2KVA/96V 10KVA/360V 20KVA/360V
3KVA/96V 15KVA/240V 25KVA/360V
5KVA/120V 15KVA/360V 30KVA/360V
5KVA/144V 20KVA/360V 40KVA/360V
5KVA/168V 25KVA/360V 50KVA/360V
7.5KVA/168V 30KVA/360V 60KVA/360V
40KVA/360V 75KVA/360V
50KVA/360V 100KVA/360V
60KVA/360V 120KVA/600V