Ro Water ATM

It looks like a regular bank ATM, the only difference being that it provides water instead of money. This Water-ATM works on the principle of Reverse Osmosis & Ultra violet technology which takes water from existing bore well or overhead tank accessible in the town. The mechanism consists of pre-filtration processing, after which water passes through a micro-filtration cartridge and later pumped in through the RO unit filtration using high pressure. And the last part of the treatment includes sterilization using ultraviolet rays.

These automated units work like vending machines, where each customer uses a smart card to draw water from it.

The primary object of the social endeavour is to provide clean as well as healthy drinking water to general public at highly affordable rates.

Rite Water – Water-ATM is a card-operated RO (reverse osmosis) machine. They have provided RFID based Water ATM card and a 20 Ltr can to every household in the village for collecting water. When a user places the card on the scanner of the machine, the unit confirms the identity and card balance and dispenses the desired quantity of water automatically. This 24 X 7 ATM system guarantees that water is available to the public round the clock.

These water-ATM cards can be easily recharged through a smartphone-based app. One has to place the card near a smartphone, then the app will identify the card user, the recharge amount is entered in-app and a card is recharged. Isn’t simple?

To ensure liability, the online monitoring system is implemented through which all the important parameters like plant run time, water quality and flow rate are monitored through a GSM-based system on an hourly basis.