Solar Roof-Toop on/off Grid

If your area trouble with frequent power cut then we recommended to you invest in off grid solar system. It is cost effective solar system. During power cuts you use backup energy. This system is highly efficient for areas which suffer from frequent power cuts by storing extra solar energy in the batteries. Say goodbye to frequent power cuts with off grid solar system.

Solar off-grid power plant is useful for those who are not able to connect to the public electricity grid. In some case, this system includes storage solutions such as batteries energy storage which allow excess electricity to be saved for future use. Elavo complete off-grid solar system includes solar panels, inverters, batteries and some other accessories.



Solar Off-Grid System Working

Off-Grid A Battery based Solar Power Plant will supply electricity from Solar Panels . In the day time solar will run the connected load and balance energy storage in the form of a battery bank provides a buffer and control flexibility to allow optimum use of the renewable energy source without jeopardizing the robustness and quality of power delivered to the customer.

The system controller will monitor and measure how much energy is being produced by the solar array, it has the ability to harvest the maximum possible energy. In the event of large availability of solar power and less load, it will be possible to store the energy in the battery and to cater the load simultaneously. The battery bank will allow excess solar energy to be stored and used later on when required.In effect the battery bank will provide flexibility and supply.

The arrangement of solar modules absorbs the sunlight on them and convert them into electricity. The current generated here is Direct Current (DC). The solar inverter then converts the DC to Alternating Current (AC), thus making it power the electrical items. This electricity is then routed to the grid where it is supplied for day to day use. An important feature is a net meter. It is a device that records the energy supplied to the grid and the energy consumed. At the end of each month, the outstanding is recorded and the consumer is provided with a bill.

the solar power system is connected to the grid, the consumer has to pay only for the surplus electricity he consumes. The bill generated on a monthly basis determines whether the consumer has any payments to be made. However, at the same time if the consumer utilizes less electricity, the excess is fed back in the grid.

The on-grid solar power system has the least number of parts along with simple installation. The elimination of batteries makes the maintenance quite easy.