Water Heater

Solar Water Heaters are amongst the most affordable and simple to install of all solar hot water systems. Solar Water Heating Systems are built around the revolutionary Vacuum Tubes, and feature an insulated Solar Hot Water Storage Tank. The Hot Water Storage tank works as a heat preservation unit that keeps water hot for an extended duration with minimal heat loss. Available in various capacity models

  1. Residential hot water solutions
  2. Hospitality sector for Hotels, guest houses, laundries, resorts & spas
  3. Institutional sector for school, college, university campuses, hospitals, clinics, old age homes and child care centers
  4. Industrial sector where hot water is necessary for processing, production, manufacturing, paint jobs, etc
  5. Solar hot water heating solutions for kitchens, restaurants, eateries, canteens and messes
  6. Solutions for other applications where hot water is required